SP Hi-Vision Theater

Screening time :
10:00 - 16:30, every 30 minutes
Venue :
4F Cultural Exchange Exhibition

4,000 Scan Lines

The Super High-Vision Theater is located to the left on entry into the Cultural Exchange Exhibition. Its resolution is 16 times higher than the regular high-definition system. Ultra high definition, 8K resolution videos are played in the theater. Other than seeing the actual object or place, no other theaters can match the beauty of the videos played on the 320-inch wide screen with 33 million pixels. Do look forward to the world-class theater experience.


A Peek at the Selected Films

Up to 2 films are selected to be played in the theatre each month. The theatre has a limited seating capacity of 34. So do get a reservation ticket for your preferred timing at the theatre entrance beforehand. This area is one of the highlights in the exhibition gallery.Please be seated 5 minutes before the film starts and enjoy the viewing experience to your heart’s content.

Films Introduction

" The Shosoin of the Sea, Okinoshima "

“Umikita no michinaka” is the sea route that connects Kyushu and the Korean Peninsula. The lone island far off coast, Okinoshima island, was the place where people gave offerings and prayed for safe sea voyages. Okinoshima island is also known as the “Shoshoin of the sea”. The film introduces colorful images of the offerings excavated there and brings to life the main players of the ancient Asian commerce.

“Japanese Techniques and Beauty that Fascinated the World”

“Japanese Techniques and Beauty that Fascinated the World”

World class level Japanese lacquer ware. During the early modern period, western interactions with Japan led to Japanese exports into Europe. Exports included traditional European objects decorated by Japanese techniques such as makie, raden (mother-of-pear inlay) and shark skin. These objects fascinated the world. This experience of the microcosmic beauty of Japanese lacquer ware is made possible with the super high-vision system.

“Silk Road, the Buddhas of Dunhuang”

“Silk Road, the Buddhas of Dunhuang”

The oasis city “Dunhuang” prospered as the crossroads of civilization that led to the Silk Road. Many Buddhist images and murals were created in the stone caves here for over 1000 years. The best of the colorful Buddhist art, created with the exchanges between China and the western regions, are introduced via the super high-vision system. The realistic and beautiful images would invite viewers to the faraway Silk Road.